Mon Jardin, for 42 years now, considers the plant as the most important element of its business by:

The importance of sales area dedicated to him.
So you find in the store green plants and flowering plants that complement your interior – from classic Ficus Benjamina to the very special Nepenthes.
Calceolaria in spring, begonias ‘Elation’ in the summer and at Christmas the poinsettia will following you at the major events of the year.

The development of plant families.
Open the door and enter our cold greenhouse: this space is dedicated to the flowering of your balcony and/or terrace as well as your annual beds.
With curtains shading and ventilation to our bedding plants are kept in the best conditions.

The importance of the stock.
A ramp leads you into the heart of our business: The Tree Nursery, divided into different storage areas:
The Cabriolet greenhouse (with automatic shading- and wateringsystem) offers Conifers, flowering and leafy shrubs and also ornamental trees for individuals.
A mass storage area for businesses, communities and our very large projects.
Example: Permanently we have 6 varieties potentillas (more than 200 to more than 1200 potentillas in stock)
An area dedicated to a family of products on which we want to put a highlight:
For aver 6 years now we offer 45 different sorts of bamboo. Each in several sizes – a total of over 110 plants of bamboo.

From 1. January to 31 December our 500 references of perennials plants and flowers will allow you to build your personalized Mix in every season.
We are presenting plants in resting state (the best time for planting) and plants flourishing in summer or autumn.
Some will pretend that we are using old and outdated working methods. We prefer to respect the natural cycle of plants and nature itself.

Aquatic plants
are not forgotten: The decorative, the oxygenating and the nitrifying are sold preferentially in 2 liter pot to benefit immediatly from their working presence in your pond and, of course, for the decorative presence.

The personalized advice
on your request we will be glad to support you to get the best result purchase.
In order to facilitate the implementation we invented planting concepts that considers the quality of your soil, the selected greens and the actions to take to optimize your chances of success. This avoids the traps that are very often responsible of failure.