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About us

Gardencenter with its own landscape gardening company in Luxembourg.

In an area of 30.000m², you will see, a rich assortment of trees, shrubs, bamboo, palm trees and bonsai – all this in several species and sizes.
Our plants are adapted to regional climatic conditions and therefore durable. Plant lovers and lovers of beautiful gardens will be inspired in our beautiful gardens patterns with a biological swimming pool of the brand BIOTEICH. Nature-friendly, healthy and year-round clean, chemical-free water.
We are a family business full of passion and conviction. To deliver highest quality is our company motto. Our landscape gardening company designs, builds, maintains and renovates your garden to. Also, we present creative decoration ideas for your house. Porcelain, hand-made vases and much, much more. Thus, you can create in your rooms a pleasant atmosphere.
With great pleasure we will welcome you in our shop.

Our competences


Our expertise in creating of landscaping is constantly developed. For this reason we are able to work with you – from the planning to implementation up to the maintenance.

Swimming Pools

We are specialized in the aquatic world with Pools and Ponds for ornamental or swimming. Qualified Advisers will welcome you to give you all the necessary advice.


Mon Jardin considers the plant as the most important element of its business: 1. The size of the retail space. 2. The range of plants. 3. The stockholding. 4. Tree Nursery 5. Aquatic plants. 6. The advice.


A great diversity of products and ideas, both innovative and faithful. Twice a year we present two new collections in our maximum space shop of 800m², products of charm and good taste.

Total sell-out - due to a relocating of our business!

Plant Nursery: 30% * Indoor plants: 30% * Decoration: 50% * Pottery: 20% * Tools: 50% * Fertilizers: 20% * Treatments: 30% * Seeds: 30%. Non-contractual photos.

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